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The Butler Project » An Introduction to The Butler Project

An Introduction to The Butler Project

The Butler Project is a site dedicated to giving you a better perspective on wealth creation and personal finance. Our goal is to inspire you to make the highest and best use of your two most important resources - time and money.

Our Background:

Mark - I’ve spent the last four years as a sales rep and sales manager for a distance education company, focused on personal financial management and entrepreneurship. At the moment I’m managing 17 sales reps while developing web-based businesses on the side.

I fell in love with economics in college, and you’ll see it in the articles I write.

I’m passionate about a few things: sales and marketing, wealth creation, talking to people about their lives and circumstances, and anything that involves strapping planks to your feet and careening down snow-covered mountains.

Emily- My days are filled with the many and varied activities of a CEO; lucky for me I get to work at home.  When I’m not fixing a meal, cleaning the living room, or throwing in another load of laundry, I’m torturing my kids with piano practice, tutoring high schoolers in math (trig is my personal favorite), or sitting at my computer.  In my spare time, I love to read, go running, travel, and bask in any combination of sun and water.

What do I bring to this blog?  Well, I’ve been immersed in personal finance for the last 15 years or so.  I love to observe behavior and figure out what we do and why we do it.  I’ll share my personal insights with you  as well as what I’ve learned from many, many books.  To me, creating wealth is about creating a life; hence, our focus on personal economic development.

By the way, we’re brother and sister, born four years apart on the same day (April 3, 1975 and ‘79).

A Variety of Perspectives

In writing the blog, we’ve decided the only way we can give you real value is to tap into the insights and experiences of people with diverse financial backgrounds. There will be a couple of features on the blog each week that stem directly from this philosophy.

1000 Millions

Where better to learn about wealth creation than from the wealthy? A big part of The Butler Project is our goal to interview 1000 millionaires over the next couple of years so we can get insight into the decisions and attributes that helped them achieve financial freedom.

The goal is several weeks old now, and we’ve been blown away by the conversations we’ve had with these self-made people. You’re going to see that any of us can experience the financial independence they have if we’ll just make the same quality of decisions they’ve made.

Phonebook Friday

After four years of selling over the phone, I’ve lost all fear of calling strangers and asking them personal questions about the details of their life.

On The Butler Project we want to show you that whatever your situation is, there are countless others facing similar challenges. We’ll prove it by calling random strangers out of the phone book and interviewing them about their financial situations, hopes, dreams, fears, etc.

Your first reaction is probably to say that no one will want to talk to us. You could be right, but it should make for some interesting conversations don’t you think? We’ll learn a lot from the lives of everyday people with everyday challenges.

We welcome your comments, emails, post ideas, rants…just get involved! We’ll all learn more if we get the dialog going.